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Disabled Access Guides

Welcome to our disabled access guides, which has been created using data collected by our ESL Services team of expert disability access auditors.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and reliable source of information to help those with disabilities and mobility issues plan their visits to various locations. We understand the importance of accessibility, and how it can impact the lives of those with disabilities.

Therefore, we have conducted thorough audits of various venues, including shops, restaurants, tourist attractions, universities and hotel facilities, to ensure they meet the required standards for accessibility.

Our guide provides detailed information on the type of access and facilities available, such as wheelchair ramps, accessible parking, accessible toilets, and hearing loop systems, among others. We hope that our guide will assist individuals to plan their visits with confidence, knowing that the locations they choose to visit have been thoroughly audited for accessibility.

disabled access guides

Our Latest Guides

Disabled access guides compiled by our expert auditors

Our guides are created with the expertise and knowledge of qualified access auditors, ensuring that the information provided is accurate and reliable.

Access auditors are trained professionals who evaluate buildings and facilities to determine their accessibility for people with disabilities. They have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and the technical requirements necessary to make a space accessible.

As a result, our guides are more accurate and detailed, providing comprehensive information on accessible features and potential barriers. By using these guides, individuals can make informed decisions about accessibility, ensuring that everyone can fully participate in their communities and access the resources they need.

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