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Accessibility Symbols

Accessibility Symbol Guide

This guide provides a comprehensive list of accessibility icons used across our website and listings. These icons are designed to enhance user experience and convey important information to all users, including those with disabilities.

Please refer to this guide for a better understanding of the icons and their meanings.

accessible parking bay

Accessible Parking

  • The venue has its own car park for use by customers with X number of spaces.
  • The venue has its own car park for use by customers with X number of Blue Badge accessible spaces X meters from the main entrance.
  • The venue can provide parking if reserved in advance to Blue Badge holders.
  • Blue Badge on street parking available nearby.
  • Public Car Park (name/address) available X far from the venue.
  • All local parking restrictions should be checked before visiting the venue.

Symbol of Accessibility

  • The wheelchair symbol should only be used to indicate access for individuals with limited mobility, including wheelchair users.
  • For example, the symbol is used to indicate an accessible entrance, bathroom or that a phone is lowered for wheelchair users.
accessible toilet

Accessible Toilets

The venue has X number of male/female/unisex accessible toilets on site.

That are available in the following locations:

  • Changing rooms
  • Each floor
  • Poolside
  • Café
accessible changing rooms

Accessible Changing Rooms

  • The venue has male/female/unisex accessible changing rooms on site.
accessible showers and changing rooms

Accessible Showers and Changing Rooms

The venue has male/female/unisex accessible showers and changing rooms on site.

This means that they have:

  • Grab rails
  • Low-level bench
  • Clothing hooks
  • Hoist available
accessible showers

Accessible Showers

The venue has male/female/unisex accessible showers on site.

This means that they have:

  • Grab rails
  • Drop-down shower seat
    Free standing shower seat
  • Shelf for toiletries
    Adjustable height shower head
accessible changing places

Accessible Changing Places

  • The venue has accessible changing places on site.
wheelchair assistance available

Wheelchair Assistance Available

  • The venue has wheelchair assistance available.
visual impairment assistance

Visual Impairment Assistance

  • The venue has visual impairment assistance.
accessibilities for people with visual impairment

Accessibilities for People with Visual Impairment

  • The venue has Accessibilities for People with Visual Impairment.
disability equality training

Disability Awareness / Equality Training

The staff at the venue have been provided with Disability Awareness / Equality training, including:

  • Reception staff
  • Instructors
  • Teachers / coaches
  • Lifeguards
  • Management
assistance dogs welcome

Assistance Dogs Welcome

  • The venue welcomes assistance dogs on site.
mental health first aider

Mental Health First Aider

  • The staff at the venue have been provided with mental health first aider training.
assistive listening device installed

Assistive Listening Device Installed

  • Assistive listening device available.
bsl user present

BSL User Present

  • There is a BSL user present.
sign language video relay interpreting

Sign Language Video Relay Interpreting

  • Sign Language Video Relay Interpreting is available.
sign language interpreting available

Sign Language Interpreting Available

  • The venue has Sign Language Interpreting Available.

Braille Available

  • Braille information is immediately available upon request.

induction loop present

Induction Loop Present

The following types of hearing induction loop are available:

  • Fixed counter induction loop
  • Fixed induction room loop
  • Portable hearing loop

The location and type of induction loops are specified in the disabled access guide.

automatic sliding doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

  • The venue has Automatic Sliding Doors.


access by ramps, slopes and/or manual doors

Access by Ramps, Slopes and/or Manual Doors

The venue is accessible by ramps, slopes and/or manual doors. This means that centre has:

  • An easy or moderate ramp or slope at the entrance and manual or automatic doors
  • Level access into the venue and manual doors
  • Level access, easy or moderate ramps or slopes or lifts (platform or standard) to get around the venue

Space for relevant centre descriptions:

  • i.e. slope down from carpark / bus stop to main entrance etc/alternative entrances?
push pad to open

Push Pad to Open

  • The venue has push pad to open doors.
accessible lift

Accessible Lift

The venue has a lift available between floors that has:

  • Tactile buttons
  • Floor directory
  • Audio announcements

And has capacity for:

  • X wheelchairs
  • X sports wheelchairs
  • X people
wheelchair space available

Wheelchair Space Available

  • The venue has an accessible wheelchair space area.
accessible furniture

Accessible Furniture

  • The venue has available accessible furniture.
automatic lighting

Automatic Lighting

  • The venue has Automatic Lighting.
accessible counter

Accessible Counter

  • The venue has a low level/split level reception desk.
  • The low level/split level desk will be clear at all times.
evacuation chair & stair climber present

Evacuation Chair or Stair Climber Present

  • The venue has a Evacuation Chair or Stair Climber Present.
audible or visual fire alarm

Audible or Visual Fire Alarm

  • The venue has an audible or visual fire alarm system.
personal emergency evacuation plan

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

  • The venue has a personal emergency evacuation plan

Refuge Point

  • The venue has a designated refuge point, strategically placed and easily accessible in case of emergencies. It’s equipped with safety measures and staffed with trained personnel to guide attendees to it and provide necessary gear until help arrives.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the use of accessibility icons, please contact our support team at esl@disabledaccessguide.co.uk.